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The Chabad Heritage Series

presented by Rabbi Shloma Majeski

Listen (28:44)The Alter Rebbe - Birth, Childhood
Listen (30:16)The Alter Rebbe - Childhood, Marriage
Listen (30:14)The Alter Rebbe - Marriage, Arrival in Mezeritch
Listen (27:47)The Alter Rebbe - By the Maggid the First Time
Listen (25:51)The Alter Rebbe Returns to Mezeritch
Listen (29:47)The Alter Rebbe Visiting Shklov
Listen (28:22)After Histalkus of the Mezeritcher Maggid
Listen (29:19)The Great Debate in Minsk, The Dialogue with other Chassidic Rebbes, Reb Shloime Refael's Statement
Listen (28:28)Many Misnagdim became Chassidim
Listen (27:30)The Miracle with the Kos Shel Berachah
Listen (25:07)How Reb Meir Refael became a Chossid
Listen (28:47)Emunas Tzaddikim
Listen (26:50)Reb Boruch Mordechai, The Gra, Reb Zundel Volf's Letter
Listen (27:08)The Campaign to Settle in Russia, Summary
Listen (28:22)The Rebbetzin Devorah Leah - Part I
Listen (29:15)The Rebbetzin Devorah Leah - Part II
Listen (28:58)The Printing of Tanya - Part I
Listen (29:04)The Printing of Tanya - Part II
Listen (28:00)The Printing of Tanya - Part III
Listen (26:02)The Opposition to Tanya, The Passing of the Vilna Gaon
Listen (27:39)The Arrest of the Alter Rebbe - Part I
Listen (30:03)The Arrest of the Alter Rebbe - Part II
Listen (29:32)The Arrest of the Alter Rebbe - Part III
Listen (30:02)The Alter Rebbe Released from Jail
Listen (29:35)After the Alter Rebbe's Redemption
Listen (29:22)Yud Tes Kislev, Chag HaChagim
Listen (30:08)The Alter Rebbe released from prison the second time in 5561, relocates in Liadi
Listen (28:01)The opposition from other Chassidic camps
Listen (30:25)The difference between the Alter Rebbe and other Rebbes
Listen (30:41)The Alter Rebbe and the Haskalah movement
Listen (30:32)The Histalkus of the Alter Rebbe - 24 Teves, 5573
Listen (31:22)The story behind the Alter Rebbe's picture; the Alter Rebbe's children
Listen (29:11)The Mitteler Rebbe - birth, childhood & Bar Mitzvah
Listen (30:16)The Mitteler Rebbe - Second Rebbe of Chabad, settled in City of Lubavitch
Listen (29:02)The Mitteler Rebbe - Leadership challenged, Chossid Reb Yekusiel Liepler
Listen (30:00)The Sefer Pokeiach Ivrim, Reb Shlomo Leib the Baal Teshuvah - Part I
Listen (30:49)Reb Shlom Leib - Part II, Chabad in Chevron 5576-7
Listen (26:48)General overview of the Mitteler Rebbe and his Chassidim
Listen (30:32)The arrest and liberation of the Mitteler Rebbe, 5587
Listen (27:18)Histalkus of the Mitteler Rebbe 5588, his family, his Seforim
Listen (31:07)The Birth and Bris of the Tzemach Tzedek
Listen (30:50)The Tzemach Tzedek's Childhood
Listen (27:26)The Tzemach Tzedek at age 7, 8, 12 and his Marriage
Listen (29:19)During the Mitteler Rebbe's Nesius; The Tzemach Tzedek's Acceptance of Nesius
Listen (30:41)The Tzemach Tzedek's Acceptance of the Nesius 5588
Listen (30:58)The Tzemach Tzedek Mobilizes his Chassidim to Rescue the Contonists 5588-5600
Listen (29:15)The Tzemach Tzedek and the Haskalah Movement 5600 (1840) - Part I
Listen (30:16)The Tzemach Tzedek and the Haskalah Movement 5600 (1840) - Part II
Listen (29:44)The Conference in Petersburg
Listen (30:23)The Tzemach Tzedek published Torah Ohr in 5597 (1837) and Likkutei Torah 5608 (1848)
Listen (30:46)Overview of Major Historic Events during 5598-5619
Listen (30:07)The Tzemach Tzedek helps Agunos, The name Tzemach Tzedek
Listen (30:30)The Story of Rashbatz - Part I
Listen (29:49)The Story of Rashbatz - Part II
Listen (28:21)The Tzemach Tzedek's Histalkus 5626 (1866), His seven sons - Part I
Listen (19:00)The Tzemach Tzedek's seven sons - Part II, His Seforim
Listen (29:55)Birth of Rebbe Maharash; Bris; Childhood - Part I
Listen (30:06)Childhood of Rebbe Maharash - Part II; Bar Mitzvah; Marriage; Community work
Listen (26:55)Rebbe Maharash - Acceptance of Nesius as 4th Chabad Rebbe
Listen (29:45)Rebbe Maharash - Travels to France; Establishes committee in Petersburg
Listen (29:11)Lechatchilah Ariber, Maharash's Unique approach
Listen (29:16)Rebbe Maharash Saves Russian Jews from pogroms
Listen (29:01)Resemblance of Previous Rebbe to Rebbe Maharash
Listen (28:46)Rebbe Maharash - Histalkus; Family; Seforim; Niggun
Listen (29:16)The Birth of the Rebbe Rashab 5621 (1860)
Listen (30:40)Rebbe Rashab - Childhood & Bar Mitzvah 5634 (1873)
Listen (27:55)Wedding of the Rebbe Rashab 5635 (1875)
Listen (30:58)Rebbe Rashab - Accpetance of Leadership 5643-5654 (1882-1893)
Listen (29:37)Rebbe Rashab's Illness 5643-5657 (1882-1897)
Listen (29:36)Establishment of Tomchei Temimim 5657 (1897)
Listen (30:40)First Year of Yeshiva Tomchei Temimim 5658 (1898)
Listen (30:37)The Students as Soldiers of Dovid 5661 (1900)
Listen (28:24)War against "Rabbonim Mitaam" 5657-5677
Listen (30:07)War against Haskalah Schools for Children 5657-5677
Listen (30:10)Mesirus Nefesh to stop the Haskalah
Listen (30:33)Informers against Yeshiva; Machzikei Hadas; events during 5658-5669
Listen (29:07)New Heights of Learning Chassidus, Davening & Avodah; The Maamarim of the Rebbe Rashab
Listen (30:02)Beilis Bloodlibel 5671; Yeshiva Torah Emes 5672; Hemshech 5672
Listen (29:41)Events during World War I & Communist Revolution 5674-5680
Listen (25:58)Purim Farbrengen 5680 (1920); Histalkus, 2 Nissan 5680

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